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Peeks for Messenger

4.2 ( 7232 ratings )
Social network Foto e video
Sviluppatore Keek Inc.

Stitch your video. Peeks for Messenger is the free video capture and import app for you to use in private chats with friends and contacts on Messenger. Enhance your private conversations with recorded video clips as long as 36 seconds. Have fun. Let your creativity flow with the ‘Pause and Record’ feature; entertain your friends with funny and passionate video chats. Let them see your emotional side.

Share special moments with Import, a tool that allows you to view, select and import existing video from your media library. Captured video is available whenever you need it, just store it locally to your device.

Mix up your video chats with a combination of captured and imported clips that you can stitch together into one video. Combine as many clips as you can fit into one 36-second masterpiece!

Peeks for Messenger is fast and easy to use. Give it a try. Stitch your video.